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Lòm a Mêrz – March lights 2017

Romagna is a historically agricultural land. And agriculture, like many outdoor activities, was, and still is, subject to the weather. So, the peasant tradition of the past tried to keep bad luck away with propitiatory rituals, such as magic fires, the “Lòm a Mêrz, or the lights of March.



The lighting of propitious bonfires was meant to celebrate the arrival of spring and invoke a favorable year for harvests, by getting rid of the cold and rigor of winter. It was meant to encourage and welcome the arrival of good weather, by burning dry branches and twigs leftover from pruning. For this occasion, during the last three days of February and the first three of March, people gathered in the barnyard, sang songs and danced around the fire (“fugarèn” in the Romagna dialect), eating, drinking and having fun.

From February 26 to March 3, when the sun goes down after the sunset, in about 50 barnyards and country houses in and around Ravenna, Forlì, Ferrara and Bologna warm fires will be lit. This is a great occasion to get in touch with nature and traditions.

It is around these bonfires that there will be events and meetings on the farming traditions and culture of Romagna, with dances, shows, exhibitions, book presentations, and of course wine and food tastings of local Romagna products.

The 2017 edition will focus on the art of cooking which through flavors shows a style, an identity and belonging.


In Romagna, for more than a century, the book by Pellegrino Artusi “L’Arte in Cucina e la scienza del mangiare bene” (The Art of Cooking and the Science of Eating Well) has paved the way and given dignity to national food, and the March Lights want to pay tribute to this tradition, this extraordinary meeting with genuine, simple dishes, in country houses. Cappelletti, passatelli, piadina, ciambella, zuppa inglese…Pellegrino Artusi (1820-1911) in his work exalted with passion this world of flavors and with an extraordinary intuition stopped time with his recipes tied to the local agriculture, which will be served at these convivial meetings.


It is in these areas of Romagna that you can still find a love for traditional, healthy food in which you can see the peasant culture of the country and its belonging to the world of plants, animals, rituals, customs, traditions and culture. It is in these lands of Romagna that there are still the Lòm a Mêrz, the March lights.


simbolo_pdf.gifDownload the pdf and discover the day by day program and a map of the March lights! [Italian only]



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