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Riviera Beach Games, a sea of sport

On the Riviera of Emilia Romagna sports are an ever more important part of an active vacation.  Moving forward in this new frontier are the Beach Olympic Games now in their seventh edition, which will begin in Pinarella di Cervia on July 28 and will continue until August 3. This event will prove the great dedication to sports in the Riviera: on schedule are many events which, throughout the season from April to October become new opportunities for an active vacation with fun for the whole family.



From 30 years of beach volleyball to the "Processo al calcio" football event, and "Bigliardone" table football

There are many events, from the “classics” of beach tennis, beach volleyball, beach soccer and foot volleyball, typical sports along the Riviera, to those closely linked to the sea with regattas, canoe races, surfing and sup (special surf boards guided with oars).  Among the other activities there are also water gun fights and tug-o-war, a sport that was once an official Olympic sport (from 1900 to 1920), competitions of nordic walking, peteca (a Indios game played on a  beach volleyball court with a particular hand shuttlecock), running race on the beach and dodgeball.  There will also be vintage competitions of cheecoting, the marble game played in the sand.

Among the events that will enliven the peak of the Riviera Beach Games, from August 1 to 3 there will be the Riviera Beach Run in Bellaria Igea Marina (Saturday, August 2) a now traditional event with the route including both streets and the beach, a round of the Italian Championship of men's beach volleyball at the Fantini Club in Cervia which is celebrating 30 years of this sport (from August 1 to 3) with tournaments, exhibitions and competitions, the Beach Tennis Supervip on the Beaches of Comacchio (August 2 and 3), the World ITF of Beach Tennis in Pinarella di Cervia (from July 28 to August 3) with 32 nations enrolled, including Brazil, China and Japan.

Among the new events in 2014 is an unprecedented edition of the "Notte Gialla" (Yellow Night) in Cesenatico; after dedicating this event to Marco Pantani and the world of cycling, this year this event will also include football.  Starting on July 30 with the arrival of various guests and a welcome cocktail while you wait, in the evening there will be the match between Cesena - newly promoted to Series A - and Juventus, Italian Champions, at the Manuzzi stadium in Cesena, for the Memorial Edmeo Lugaresi.  On July 31 there will be an evening dedicated to Alberto Rognoni, founder of the Cesena team, and creator, together with Primo Grassi, of the show “Processo al calcio” which from 1965 to 1971 brought the biggest football stars to Cesenatico.  On August 1 in the evening, "Processo al calcio" will be brought back to life, focusing on the World Cup in Brazil and the Series A Italian championship which, in a sort of talk show will be analyzed by coaches, ex players, and journalists, who will discuss the latest news and look at the future of the Italian national team.  Both evenings, which are free of charge, will be held in the centrally located Piazza Costa at 9pm and promise to be very interesting, given the themes and the participation of important and famous figures from the world of Italian football.

The program offers many other exciting events of great visual impact such as, for example, the Color Run in Rimini, a “fun race” of 5 Km in which the runners, who start out with a white shirt, will arrive at the finish line completely covered in colored powders (Saturday, August 2).

Among the curiosities worth mentioning is the Saturn Bike on August 3 which at the Altamarea Beach Village in Cattolica will host an unusual competition floating on two wheels and the tournament, again in Cattolica at the Bagno 33 of "Bigliardone", - gigantic table football where 11 players on each side face off until the last goal to win a tasty plate of grilled sardines.  But this is just a ....taste of what vacationers can find on schedule here.

Special packages to feel like a champion or cheer them on

The Riviera Beach Games represent an extraordinary opportunity to bring together sports stars and fans of the reigning summer sports, involving the whole territory in a unique event with swimming, sports and entertainment.  Along with the events there are also special vacation packages, offered along the whole coast.

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