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Today love for your own body and caring about wellness allows us to discover new frontiers and alternative ways, both relaxing and regenerating, to keep in shape. But we often forget about simple seawater, something so close to us, which is the most complete of mineral waters.


Rimini Spas


In fact, seawater contains almost all of the elements found in nature. It has a revitalizing, cleansing and antibacterial effect; combined with the seaside climate, it is great for many ailments and it is for this reason that it is considered a true natural therapy.

The history of medicine has described the therapeutic use of seawater and the seaside climate starting as far back as antiquity.

Modern Thalassotherapy, which focuses on using seawater as a cure, has emphasized the value of seawater’s properties, taking advantage of the synergy among environmental, climate, and crenotherapeutic marine factors and applying seawater using baths, showers and pools, sand, seaweed, douches, and inhalation therapies.

This is what the thalassotherapy centers along the Adriatic Riviera, in Rimini Terme and in Punta Marina Terme have to offer.


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