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The Beaches of Flavours

At five in the evening, tastings on the shore 


Land and sea mix perfectly in this series of events “The Beaches of Flavours” which under the beach umbrella, from Comacchio to Rimini, until August 6 will help guests discover the treasures of taste through sensory experiences dedicated to the excellent rural products of this region.



There are nineteen guided events that will involve all five senses, with tastings, recognition tests, and themed games, for adults and children, so guests can savor this showcase of traditional Emilia Romagna excellences. 


At five in the evening, "The Beaches of Flavours" will go down to the seashore to explain the products we eat, their seasons and the land that they come from, and who processes them and brings them to our tables, safeguarding the health of citizens and protecting the environment in which we live.


Through these special tastings, the public can enjoy wines, PDO and PGI products and traditional foods as well as crafts, get to know the festivals linked to the food and wine sector and to traditions in general, appreciate smells and colors, recognize biodiversity, and learn about the history and culture of this land.


The first event will be held on Thursday, July 3 at Bagno Bologna in Punta Marina Terme (Ra) with the official inauguration of this series, which will continue on the beaches along the Emilia Romagna coast, from the Lidi di Comacchio to Ravenna, stopping by the beaches of Ravenna, Cervia, Cesenatico and Bellaria.


All of the events for "The Beaches of Flavours”


Thursday, July 3, Bagno Bologna, Bolognino & Angolo B

Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 27 - Punta Marina Terme (RA), Tel. 0544.437327 - 0544.438666


Tuesday, July 8, Bagno Stella 77/78

Viale Mezzanotte, Arenile Demaniale 77/78 - Pinarella di Cervia (RA), Tel. 0544.987451


Tuesday, July 8, Bagno ADRIA

Via Spallazzi, 95 - Casalborsetti (RA), Tel. 0544 445123 


Friday, July 11, Bagno Miami

Via Monte San Daniele, 1 - Lido degli Scacchi (FE), Tel. 0533.381143


Tuesday, July 15, Bagno SOLELUNA

Via Cotignola, 19  Lido di Savio (RA), Tel. 0544 949447


Tuesday, July 15, Bagno Benvenuti 20/21

Arenile Demaniale 20/b - Tagliata di Cervia (RA), Tel. 0544.987517


Thursday, July 17, Bagno Gallia 287

Via 5a traversa - Milano Marittima (RA), Tel. 0544.992191


Friday, July 18, Bagno Ristoro 9

Via Lungomare del Parco, 5 - Lido di Volano (FE), Tel. 0533.354919 – 333.6075620


Monday, July 21, Bagno Cayo Loco

Via Da Noli, 57 - Lido di Classe (RA), Tel. 335.6827722


Monday, July 21, Bagno ROXY

Viale Giosuè Carducci, 193 Cesenatico (FC) Tel. 0547 82004


Tuesday, July 22, Bagno Franco 220/221

Lungomare Gabriele D’Annunzio 221/B - Cervia (RA) , Tel., 0544 71692


Thursday, July 24, Bagno Sayonara

Via Spiaggia, 2- Lido degli Estensi (FE), Tel. 0533.327773


Friday, July 25, Capo Horn

Lungomare Canarie, 7 – Lido delle Nazioni (FE), Tel. 0533.379240


Tuesday, July 29, Bagno Ancora 267

Viale Forlì - 48015 Milano Marittima (RA), Tel. 0544.994565


Thursday, July 31, Bagno Spina 48

Via Spiaggia, 48 - Lido di Spina (FE), Tel. 0533.330264


Friday, August 1, Bagno Astor

Via Dei Mille, 32 – Porto Garibaldi (FE), Tel. 0533.325328 – 320.1525970


Tuesday, August 5, White Beach

Via delle Nazioni, 70, Marina di Ravenna (RA), tel. 0544.530659 – 370.3260700


Tuesday, August 5, Gusto al Bagno 47

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 47  Bellaria (RN), tel. 0541 341095


Wednesday, August 6, Bagno Aloha Beach

Viale Italia, 117 - 48123 Marina Romea (Ra), Tel. 0544.446142 – 347.5908100

This series of events will continue in autumn in areas more inland and will be completely dedicated to eating well.


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