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Park of the Cervia Salt Pans

The southern access point and station of the Po Delta Regional Park, the Cervia Salt Pan is considered to be a very interesting natural wetland landscape, so much so that it has been  recognized as a Wetland Area of International Importance in the Ramsar convention.  A natural area unlike any other in this part of the country in terms of size - 827 hectares just 1600 meters from the sea - and considering that the water never gets above just a few centimeters, and the high concentration of salt (more than 150%) allows only very particular lifeforms to survive, lifeforms that fit perfectly into this unique ecosystem.


In terms of avifauna and botany, the area of the salt pans is of extraordinary beauty and charm and is populated by rare species such as Flamingos, Black-winged Stilts, and Avocets as well as other protected species.


Park of the Cervia Salt Pans


The ancient salt cycle can be seen today in the Camillone Salt Pan, a sort of outdoor salt museum that is one of a kind in Italy.  This salt pan is the only remnant of the 150 original pans, which were eliminated with the industrialization of salt mining in 1959.  Still functioning, this pan produces 100,000 kilos of very high quality salt each year.  The salt is harvested from June to September using traditional tools.  The iron boats called “burchielle” can also still be seen here; these boats were used to transport the salt to the warehouses along the canals, and the sentry box was once occupied by the financial police.


Guided tours and visits are available all year to help visitors discover these salt pans and their treasures, by foot, by bike, or by boat.


Here you can observe typical flora and fauna, get to know the crystallization phases of salt, admire the flamingos and contemplate the deep blue surface at nighttime.


Park Information Point

Centro Visite


For tourist information

Tourist office of Cervia

Riviera dei Parchi

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