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Safari Ravenna

Safari Ravenna, located in front of the amusement park Mirabilandia, is the first "zero impact" animal park in Europe which allows visitors to see about 700 animals and 100 different species up close and without cages, including wild animals living in complete freedom.


This Park is a crossroads for man, animals and the environment used to create a constructive and educational relationship, contact and emotions that generate mutual understanding.



Designed for the wellness of the animals and to safeguard and repopulate species that risk extinction, the Safari Ravenna park stretches out over 45 hectares and is divided into three main areas.


The first is The Safari: here visitors can admire many species such as lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, hippos, bison, camels, ostriches, llama, antelopes and many other wild animals living freely.  The route can be travelled by car, on a bus, on the little train of the park, or in the park's electric car.  The expert guides will help visitors to get to know more about and come in contact with the wild animals.


The "Pedestrian Area - Animal Teachers" is a fenced off area in which it is possible to walk or ride the little train into the Baboon Island and admire the most common animals (cows, sheep, ponies and horses) as well as rare species such as Leopard Tortoises from Ethiopia, Tibetan goats or a young couple of Asinara donkeys.


Visitors can also see the Lemur and Kangaroo Island, admire the extraordinary Chimpanzee Oasis, and, among the new 2017 additions, discover the Gibbons Home, the Aquarium and the themed area dedicated to how animals blend in and to Arthropods.


In the park you will also find Learning Center, with three 400 square meter buildings, made up of the “Giorgio Celli” Room (which starting this year will house the aquarium and where there are learning panels and various instruments to get kids and students of every age involved), the “Reptilian Area” (where it is possible to discover the biodiversity of reptiles. More than 80 animals among which are about thirty rattlesnakes, a coral cobra, four pythons, some dwarf crocodiles and alligator snapping turtles); and the “Little Fauna” building (where you can admire little mammals and insects and that this year has an area dedicated to camouflage).


The Safari Village is a play area for little children and kids of all ages with many games for having fun while being safe. Inside there is also SafariLandia, the biggest park of inflatables along the Riviera. This area is covered by a huge roof with solar panels and here you can find all the park's services, including the Food Court (which has a gluten free menu) and a picnic area.


Safari Ravenna, open and accessible even with the rain, is great for family outings, those who love nature, and for anyone vacationing here at the seaside who wants to do something a little different, while having fun and learning about nature, whether you are young or old!


The park is open from March to September.


Children up to 4 years old get in free!


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Tourist information site Redazione Ravenna

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Last modified Apr 20, 2017

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