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Everyone on the beach for Riviera Beach Games

For those who love an active vacation, on the Riviera of Emilia Romagna the Riviera Beach Games are back, the Olympics of Beach Games: 110 Km of equipped beaches that will become a big outdoor gym from Lidi di Comacchio to Cattolica starting on July 21 and continuing until August 19.


In 2012, year of the London Olympics, the fifth edition of these games will take place with the peak from August 3 to 5, in full Olympic style.  In an intense weekend you can watch the spectacular competitions of champions as well as experience this big sports festival by enrolling in the competitions dedicated to enthusiasts.All the big names of the most important summer sports will participate, from beach volleyball to beach tennis, from foot volleyball to beach basketball.


From the World Championship of Frisbee to Boot Camp, from the Riviera Beach Run to "Strasingle".


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Among the events on this full calendar, some that should be noted are the World Championships of Freestyle Frisbee in Riccione from August 2 to 5 at Campo Asar and in Piazzale Roma in front of the beach. During the official FPA (Freestyle Player Association) competition, evaluated by a jury for difficulty, artistic impression and execution, players make the frisbees spin very quickly, so that it is possible to balance the frisbee on a fingernail, then spinning it around the body, hitting it with hands or feet, or letting it roll along one's arms or legs and back, resulting in a type of dance set to the beat of music, full of movements, jumps, somersaults and coordination.  Visitors can watch dozens of shows in the 4 days dedicated to Freestyle Frisbee.  The nearby Urban Emotion Village will offer spaces for visitors to admire the performances of the champions of urban and freestyle sports, as well as take lessons and participate in practices, courses and tournaments.


Also on schedule are the  Riviera Beach Run in Bellaria Igea Marina on August 4, which takes place on the street and the beach, and the finale of this day of sports with a free concert by Enrico Ruggeri in the area near the Port Canal, next to the Polo Est Village.  There will also be a very particular event on August 5, "Strasingle" on the beach: 5km on the beach to chase down your soulmate. From Cesenatico to San Mauro Mare, passing through Savignano Mare and Gatteo Mare, hundreds of single people will bond in the most intriguing run of the summer with the goal not of crossing the finish line alone but to arrive....accompanied.


From August 3 to 5 the bathing establishments 58-62 and the garden of Le Rose Suite Hotel in Rimini, will host Boot Camp, a training system created in the USA and inspired by the training used by the Marines.  There will be running, pushups, crunches, exercises for the whole body and Pilates. All of this is aimed at increasing the ability to challenge oneself and finding strength in numbers.


Also on schedule is the final phase of  Streetbasket in Rimini (from July 27 to 29).


Cesenatico will host a national tournament of beach volley (from August 10 to 12) and an international tournament of beach tennis (from August 17 to 19). And beach tennis will be played by famous people in show business on August 4 and 5 at the Lidi di Comacchio with Beach Tennis Supervip.


On Friday August 3, from 9 pm, Cesenatico will be the star with Yellow Night, an event organized to remember Marco Pantani with the involvement of cyclists, the showing of films on the achievements of the "Pirate", debates, and concerts. 


Nordic walking will take the beach on August 5 with the event From Misano to Riccione on the beach, a healthy walk with the usual ski poles, round trip, and open to everyone.  The best Italian athletes will face off on August 4 and 5 in Cervia for the final stage of the Italian Championship of  Juega di footvolley.


From July 21 to 29 Marina di Ravenna will host the 12th edition of the World Championship of Beach Tennis.


Special vacation packages available for an active holiday along the Riviera

For the Riviera Beach Games there are also special vacation packages available for those who want to participate in the amateur games or just watch the competitions among the professionals.


For the program and the vacation deals please see:


Last modified Jul 23, 2012

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