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A sea of music

This summer's hot music notes will be concentrated where the smell of the sea is strong and the evenings are caressed by a fresh sea breeze.


From the big music calendar of the Adriatic Coast, we would like to propose some summer events and festivals that can be included on a vacation in the seaside towns, the lovely inland villages or the big cities of art in Romagna.  Many are free of charge and all of them have high quality performers.


arenareginasmall.jpgStarting from the south, Cattolica will be the town in which, for the occasion of theSummer Season at Arena della Regina”, many great world famous musicians will perform such as Skunk Anansie and Sting.  There will also be comedians performing such as Gabriele Cirilli, Alessandro Siani and Teresa Mannino who will delight the audience at the splendid Arena della Regina. Until August 22.

sagramalatesti.jpgMoving towards Rimini, the city will be the stage for the 64th edition of the “Sagra Musicale Malatestiana”, one of the most ancient and well known symphonic festivals in Italy, with its typical crossover of arts, from music to theater, dance, literature and visual arts.  The heart of the event are the “Concerti Sinfonici”, with two of the most important Italian orchestras, the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai and the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, as well as prestigious European companies; other important events will be “Suite Michelangelo”, curated by the group Città di Ebla della Suite on the rhymes by Michelangelo di Šostakovi, and be two special dates dedicated to the great Federico Fellini. Rounding out this festival are many side events.  Until September 24. The sounds of "Rimini Jazz" will fill this Roman city with its energetic notes.  Now in its 13th edition, this festival of traditional jazz will explore this genre from its origins, from Dixieland to swing, and the great musicians of the twenties and thirties, which make up many jazz repertoires today.  There will be famous bands playing such as Luca Velotti Swing Ensemble, Swiss Yerba Buena Creole Rice Jazz Band with the special guest Jean-François Bonnel, and the Mondaino Young Orchestra. September 7-9.


Moving a little further up the coast, passionates can meet up in Cesenatico for the event “Nights at Piazza delle Conserve”, that will entertain the evening public with chamber music concerts.  Until August 22, free admission.

SLICKsmall.jpgAt the Lidi ravennati (beaches of Ravenna) young people can gather at the bathing establishments on the beach which will offer entertainment and conviviality almost every evening: forRockin’ before Moondogs #3” at Boca Barranca in Marina Romea the best rockabilly bands from around the world will play (until September 13, free admission), while at the “Hana-Bi Sessions” in Marina di Ravenna American folk rock, indie rock, Northern European and Anglo-saxon bands, as well as pop in all its various forms, will all have their day.  Until September 14, free admission.


It will be very easy to go from the beaches to Ravenna the city of art. Here majestic music will reverberate throughout the Basilica di San Vitale, with its splendid mosaics, for the “52nd International Organ Music Festival”, where the star will be the ancient Masonic organ of this UNESCO heritage site, played by the best international organ players.  Until September 2, free admission



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Last modified Aug 21, 2013

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