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The magical night of Saint Lawrence

On this midsummer night, the night of Saint Lawrence on Thursday, August 10, the beaches of Romagna will transform into a paradise by the sea offering shows in the sky with the colors of fireworks and the magic of the much awaited shooting stars. The sky is truly infinite and its stars will fly even over the towns and cities of Emilia, ready to provide unique emotions with gatherings, cultural entertainment, music, shows and delightful food.


The Romagna tradition is that, on the day of Saint Lawrence, you must go into the sea seven times, to purify yourself and attract good luck and happiness. For this reason, since antiquity, on this day many swimmers come to the Riviera from the countryside, hopeful to see their sicknesses taken away by the sea and in the hopes of a better and more fortunate year.



In Cervia (Ra) the date with the Perseid meteor shower has a long tradition and is linked to the “rain” of tears that Saint Lawrence shed during his terrible martyrdom.


The evening here opens with a great game of bingo in the square. The party continues then both in the square and along the seaside, and with all of the bathing establishments open, waiting for the fireworks on the beach, starting at 11pm, and for the classic swim in the sea at midnight.


Rimini will put on its party dress starting in the afternoon and the fun is guaranteed in the streets, squares and center of the city as well as on the beach and on the sand and, of course, in the amusement parks - Italia in Miniatura and Oltremare.


Exhibitions, outdoor cinema, competitions and games for children, guided visits, shows and markets and, like any respectable Emilia-Romagna town, tons of live music and tastings of typical local products.


Gatteo (Fc) is no less and this year will call everyone under its starry sky to celebrate 35 years of the Patron Saint Fair of Saint Lawrence. In the courtyard of the Malatesta Castle and in all of downtown many artists and moments of entertainment will enliven these two days. From soul rhythms to Latin American music, from melodic music to Romagna Liscio, from comic shows to art exhibitions, from celebrations of Holy Mass dedicated to Saint Lawrence to the spectacular fireworks show.



Also this year, the night of Saint Lawrence is the ideal chance to make a toast at "Goblets of Stars", all of those events all over Italy and also in Emilia-Romagna, that combine the romance of the evening outside with the passion and flavor of a good glass of wine. The fil rouge for 2017 is dedicated to the earthquake, in light of the solidarity for the lands and the difficulty of the people hit in central Italy. Again this year there will be the Goblets of Stars award "La Stella di Federica: miglior foto dell'anno 2017", a special Magnum which is the result of a blend of about forty local wines representing all of the regions.


In Castelvetro di Modena the union among excellent wines, local food and the stars comes together in an “itinerant” way with events on every secret corner in this ancient town. The entire area will be divided into four zones inspired by the most famous constellations: the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Cassiopea, and Andromeda.


The observation of the stars will happen also under the sky of Fontanelice, near Imola. At the gates to the Castle you can buy a wine glass with the logo, which will give Bacchus lovers the chance to enjoy a food and wine itinerary along the roads downtown, among the wine tastings of local vineyards and local farm and food products. Live music will provide the soundtrack with performances on the terrace looking out over the Conca Verde Park. Those who love wide open horizons can go up the clocktower and from its summit enjoy a breathtaking nocturnal panorama.


Only starlight and candles will light up the town of Bertinoro (Fc), to spend the most romantic night of the year in sweet company among soft music and themed menus and tastings.


Near Rimini the long night of stars can also be spent in Santarcangelo di Romagna, in the company of more than 50 wineries, with tastings in grottos and Glasses of Music, and in Verucchio, a town of rare beauty with its balconies made famous by Piero della Francesca, where the guest regions of Italy serve their wines and local products at stands around downtown. While the Villanovan Museum will be open to visits and tastings of prized wines, at the Rocca Malatestiana star enthusiasts with their telescopes will guide you on a trip among the shooting stars.


Last modified Aug 08, 2017

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