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Laces and canvas of Romagna

In the Lamone Valley and in particular in Brisighella and Fognano, located in the hinterland of Ravenna, the tradition embroidery art, which was thriving at the beginning of the twentieth century until the Second World War, has been rediscovered in the last few years. Its production boasts creations like bedcovers, bed sheets, sets of towels, curtains, pillows, doilies and lampshades, as well as formal and baptism dressed, nightdresses and ceremony accessories.

printed clothes from romagnaThe Byzantine embroidery has more ancient origins. This “needle work” came to Ravenna from the East when the town was ruled by the Exarches. This extraordinary art is still performed today in Ravenna at the Centro Italiano Femminile (Feminine Italian Centre) which organizes courses for young generations from October. In Russi this tradition is kept alive by Irma Scudellari Melandri, who wanted the artistic heritage of her school to come into favor again. Many are the exhibitions that Irma Scudellari arranges all over the world, in Japan, France, Germany and different Italian regions in order to introduce this refined art to a greater number of persons.

A particularly important field for the artistic embroidery is that of Ars Canusina, whose production and selling areas are Reggio Emilia and the villages of Casina and San Polo. The “Reggio Ricama” Association deserves the merit of having rediscovered and revealed the Matilda’s embroidery traditional art according to the codified norms of Ars Canusina.

Also Rimini, Riccione, Bellaria and the inland villages of Montescudo and Coriano boasts associations and groups which are specialized in different kinds of embroidery, such as macramé, bobbin lace, lace rosette.

The hand-printed canvas of Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini represent a peculiarity of the south of Romagna. They are canvas made from natural fibers, cotton, linen or hemp that, once decorated, turn into small masterpieces with particular moulds and various colors.

Today ancient handmade moulds made from wood and chemical solutions which have been improved over the centuries are still used for the canvas making. In the provinces of Romagna there are different places where it is possible to meet the protagonists of an art that has been kept alive since its origin.

Last modified Jan 30, 2015

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