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Ravenna. The clothes from Romagna

Province of Ravenna

cloths from romagna ravenna

In Cervia and Santo Stefano it is possible to find handicraft workshops that carry on the old tradition of printed cloth, typical of Romagna. These are clothes in natural fiber, cotton, linen or hemp, that become small masterworks, sometimes decorated with particular designs in different colours.

This art has very old origins. Until the 18th century it belonged to the European art of dyeing, and then around the 19th century it became part of the rural culture.

The typical hand printed cloth shows the distinguishing rust colour and in recent times the blue and red colour have been added.

Every workshop has its own mould made of peer wood, engraved with chisel by the craftsman who manufactures the printed cloth.

The patterns, conceived by the craftsman, recall ancient fabrics like the brocade, the bas-reliefs of Romagna churches, chains of rings, small roses, ivy leaves, spikes and finally the “cavea” (reproduction of the bar made of wrought iron with the traditional cock typical of Romagna, which was used to keep the ox yoked to the cart).

The moulds can also be adapted to the drawing proposed by the client, thus giving unique features to the product.

In 1997, the printmakers working in the provinces of Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna founded the Associazione Stampatori Tele Romagnole (Association of Cloth Printmaker from Romagna).The main objective was to create a mark to distinguish the clothes produced in workshops through the technique of hand printing by using engraved moulds, soaked in colour and then beaten with a mallet.

The printmakers are aware of their role in protecting a tradition which is part of the historical and cultural heritage of Romagna. For this reason, they open their workshops, which are part of planned tourist routes, to visitors, schools and passionate people. Moreover they organise initiatives to promote printed clothes.




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