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Forlì - Cesena. The cloths from Romagna

Province of Forlì - Cesena

cloths from romagna

In Gambettola, Santa Sofia, Forlì, Castrocaro and Cesenatico it is possible to find the representatives of an art that has been lively since the beginning.

Printed cloths from Romagna became very wide spread until the beginning of the 20th century, then they were disused.

Before the technique for producing printed cloths was rediscovered, all the tools used, such as the moulds made of peer wood, already used at the end of the 18th century, the colour obtained from rust, the hemp cultivated in the fields and woven by home looms, were kept in the workshops of all dyers.

The engagement and efforts of printing-houses, that do not give up the traditional methods, have contributed to promote this activity which risked to be overlooked and make it successful, identifying the art of printed cloths with the traditions of Romagna.

In Gambettola, a famous laboratory, founded in 1826, has been handing down this "art" from father to child, reaching the fifth generation.

Today, dye works are very active and the rough hemp cloths woven through looms or rust imprinted are sold in Italian or international luxurious shops, getting a considerable share in the market of typical craftwork.

Although new low-cost techniques have been developed, the traditional method based on hand printing is guaranteed by the Associazione Stampatori Tele Romagnole (Association of Cloth Printers from Romagna). With its mark this association protects craftwork production from industrial copies and spread its spirit by ensuring the basic features of traditional clothes.




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Last modified May 15, 2012

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