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Rimini. The clothes from Romagna

Province of Rimini

clothes from romagna rimini

Hand printed clothes are a peculiarity of Southern Romagna. To manufacture them, craftsman use old wooden moulds and chemical solutions, empirically improved during the centuries.

Hand printed clothes from Romagna are historically part of the so called “poor” handicraft and linked to the simple creativity of farmers, that produced moulds made of peer wood (soft wood easy to engrave and to find, resistant to the strokes of mallet used for "beating"), colours obtained from rust, hemp cultivated in the fields and woven by home looms.

Table clothes and napkins, drapes and bedspreads are characterised by the printing of creative and lively designs. One of the oldest laboratories using the technique based on "rust" printing is located in Santarcangelo di Romagna. Here they use a very big mangle dating back to the 17th century, unique in the worlds as regards weight and dimensions.

Some of the most typical drawings are: cocks, wine branches, bunch of grapes, rustic beakers, pine cons, spikes, enraged bulls, caveje (linking hub between the yoke of oxes and the cart), recalling a traditional rural place in Romagna, now disappeared.

Every printing-house has developed its own moulds, which can be very original but also share similar themes and have different features and interpretations. The genuine tradition is based on the rust colour.

The paste for the rust colour, according to its components and ingredients, is the secret of every craftsman, even though the basic composition is wide known. The main element is iron, oxidised with wine vinegar to produce rust. Then, they add iron sulphate bound with wheat flour. Other colours used are blue and green in different shades.

The Associazione Stampatori Tele Romagnole (Association of Cloth Printers from Romagna) was founded in 1997 to protect this tradition which is part of the historical and cultural heritage of Romagna. The main objective was to create a mark to distinguish the clothes produced in workshops through the technique of hand printing by using engraved moulds, soaked in colour and then beaten with a mallet.



Santarcangelo di Romagna


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