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Reggio Emilia. Embroidery based on Ars Canusina

Province of Reggio Emilia

Embroidery based on Ars Canusina

Embroidery is very important in the field of artistic handicraft and takes inspiration from Ars Canusina, having its production and selling centres in Reggio Emilia and the villages of Casina and San Polo.

This type of embroidery, recalls the "matildica” tradition and its themes are based on decorations and ornaments of local monuments.

The typical iconographic patterns were collected by Mrs. Bertolani Del Rio in the 30s, to make a graphic repertory. Nowadays they are the basis of training for the manufacturing of embroidered clothes and gain important acknowledgements.

The most suitable fabrics are "Assisi" linen, silk and fine-linen. The spun yarns must be suitable for the kind of fabrics chosen. The colour, through shades, give a chromatic effect to the embroidery which is similar to the one that the bas-relief created in the stone.

The most appreciated colours range from a warm brown recalling dry leaves, a rust colour "stolen" from copper tools, to a green colour typical of the groundcover in the Apennines.

This technique uses in an original way some of the most traditional stitches: the simple stem stitch, the Italian hemstitch, the emerald stitch, various filling stitches, the knotted stitch.

The Association “Reggio Ricama” has the credit for having recovered and disseminated the traditional art of embroidery inspired by the Countess Matilda, following the codified rules of Ars Canusina.

Besides organising training courses, this association takes care of the exhibition of embroidered products.




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