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Rimini. Lace and embroidery

Province of Rimini

Lace and embroidery

Ferruccio De Lupis, published an article in 1921 on an important art magazine called “Rassegna d’Arte” – directed by Corrado Ricci, the husband of Elisa Ricci, an eminent historian of lace and embroidery. He wrote “As regards embroidery, it is known that it has been one of the peculiarities of woman in Romagna. However, they used this skill in a limited way, in their domestic field, that is why embroidery has not spread to become a real artistic industry in the region. A noblewoman, Anita Anita Sangiorgi Bianchi, collected ancient models of embroidered cloth, that were disappearing, and founded a school of tapestry, that until some years ago was thriving and famous thanks to her leadership."

Few words are not enough to explain the great work carried out by Anita Sangiorgi and describe the precious and high quality products that her laboratory was able to manufacture.

She belonged to a family of antique dealers, scholars and collectors, and in 1987 she founded a school that employed more than 100 workers. The work consisted in every sort of lace stitch, white and silk embroideries. A great range of decorations was very famous and peculiar, for example: small stitch or French knot (knotted stitch), half stitch, Marseille stitch, Romagna stitch, flame stitch, which were requested in Italy and abroad.

The Sangiorgi laboratori developed a very thriving art which is still today considered as a model by passionate people. One of these is professor Bianca Rosa Bellomo who has carried out an historical research on laboratories in Rimini and on embroiderers who still today meet in working groups and associations to hand down this art from generation to generation.

In Rimini, Riccione, Bellaria and in some villages in the hinterland of Rimini like Montescudo and Corianoare located some associations and working groups specialised in embroidery of different kinds, like macramè, bobbin lace, tatting.




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