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Iron, copper, silver and gold

Those who love more or less precious, fused, forged or embossed items, ably handcrafted by ancient but still in-use techniques, will find different ways to treat themselves to a little handiwork.

The Bolognese art work of copper, silver and gold is nearly a thousand years old, but can still keep up with the most modern design. Moreover, wrought iron also has a long and well-established tradition in the city of Bologna, as proved by the authentic art works now belonging to Davia Bargellini Museum.


Copper  processing

In terms of tradition, we cannot fail to mention the guild of Modena’s goldsmiths: it was already established in 1444 by Lionello d’Este’s decree, and the jewelry business continued over time till today. Today all the craft businesses in Modena produce gold jewelry items with the addition of precious stones. Also, its tradition of copper and iron working characterizes several areas of this region.

A significant field for the art craft and which is inspired by the Ars Canusina® is that of Quattro Castella goldsmith’s, in the province of Reggio Emilia. Jewelry – chocker, brooches, bracelets, rings, drop earrings – is finely crafted at each stage of processing by using embossing and engraving techniques.

If Castelnovo né Monti (RE) excels in the very ancient art of bell melting, heritage handed down by several generations of families, the handicraft of Grazzano Visconti (PC) is famous not only for inlaid wood but also for iron hammer art working.

In the town centre of Forlì, in Corso Mazzini, there is the most ancient knife-grinder workshop of the province that still preserves a real studio dating back to the itinerant knife-grinder profession of the end of the nineteenth century.

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