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Bologna. The working of iron and the goldsmith’s art

Province of Bologna

Iron processing and goldsmith

Wrought-iron in Bologna has a long and strong tradition witnessed by real masterworks like the balcony of the 15th century of the Bevilacqua Palace or the creations of Sante Mingazzi that are part of the collections kept in the Davia Bargellini Museum.

It is still one thousand years old, but it can still adapt to the most modern design, the artistic working of copper, silver and gold typical of Bologna.

There are some techniques still used like embossing, chiselling, melting, boring, setting, polishing, glazing, engraving, that characterised the manufacturing of several products in the past centuries.

Among these, there was a high demand for goblets, crosses, candle holders, exhibitors, reliquaries, and other pieces of church furniture, sets of jewels for the noble families of the city, silverware, coats of arms.

Today ancient techniques, like the granulation and working of precious stones have been used again and reviewed according to the current spirit in the laboratories of Bologna.

Via degli Orefici (the street of goldsmiths) is the place where all workshops were located in the past and still today some craftsman work.




Museo Civico d'Arte Industriale e Quadreria Davia Bargellini
Museo di San Domenico
Museo di San Petronio
Museo di Santo Stefano

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