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Forlì - Cesena. Blade grinding, the working of sheet metal

Province of Forlì - Cesena

working of sheet metal

In Forlì in Corso Mazzini, a street in the old town centre, it is possible to find the knife-grinder’s laboratory in the province. It still looks like an old workshop of an itinerant knife-grinder at the end of the 19th century.

Among the old tools, in perfect conditions, it is possible to discover the history of the folk and the art of knife-grinders, a craftwork that basically consists in blade grinding.

In the past, the knife-grinder carried out his activity by moving with a sort of bicycle equipped with a wooden wheel, coated with an iron rim; once the working place had been reached, the cart was completely tipped over and became the working tool, at the same time the knife-grinder announced his presence in a loud voice.

Objects made of wrough-iron are manufactured also in Fiumana, along the way from Forlì to Predappio. Here craftsman perform the hand working of light iron and blade, by heating it with oxyhydrogen flame to produce useful objects for everyday life, pieces of furniture and ornaments.



Last modified May 15, 2012

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