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Modena. The goldsmith’s production

Province of Modena

goldsmith processing

The guild of goldsmiths from Modena is very ancient and was founded in 1444 through a decree by Lionello d’Este, then the activity of goldsmiths has continued until nowadays.

All the companies of this sector working in Modena manufacture golden jewels with precious stones.
These activities belong to the field of craftwork and the companies are small, generally family-managed and located in the old town centre.

Many products are manufactured by assembling pieces produced with different techniques, however still today in Modena there are workshops that manufacture jewels manually, without the support of machineries.

Describing the hand working of a jewel is quite complex, but generally this process is based on the folding, cutting and welding of gold through very small manual tools.

Goldsmiths carry out particular operations like the cutting, fixing or setting of precious stones, or gold engraving, manually or by using a pantograph.

Sometimes, these techniques need the skills and precision of craftsman specialised and trained in the difficult task of setting gemstones.




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