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Modena. The working of metals

Province of Modena

working of metals

Clay, water, air and fire are the elements managed by artists with skills and wisdom since old times and are also present in the field of the working of metals.

The tradition of iron and copper working has characterised many parts of the area – we can think of Formigine and its famous families of blacksmiths called Zanasi, Montagnani, Ferrari, Dini and San Felice sul Panaro with its workshops that are still active.

Today, this craft combines a deep knowledge with the most modern technology.

The main features of this ancient tradition based on the artistic working of metals, comprise working tools, functional and decorative elements, pieces of furniture both internal and urban.


San Felice sul Panaro


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Artigianato Artistico Tradizionale ed Enogastronomica Modenese

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