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Mosaic and stone

The city of Ravenna boasts eight Unesco monuments, seven of which decorated with ancient mosaics that still preserve their magnificence. Here the mosaic art is perpetuated in schools and artisan workshops.

Different from those of Venice and Rome, the mosaics of Ravenna have a rough and coarse surface, so that they hold or reflect the light depending on the observer position. This tradition, unique and unrepeatable, is still preserved thanks to creators, interpreters and restores.


Mosaic processing


Carpi (MO) is the first and main production centre of the scagliola, a craftmade technique that imitates the inlaid marbles and which has turned into real art. Its inventor, Guido Fassi known as del Conte (1584-1649) is also from Carpi. Still nowadays there are several craftsmen who produce tables, panels, frames, opal glasses, wall marbles, furnishings and various architectural elements.

Another typical craft of this area is the Carniglia stone extraction and working. It is the main raw material of the Upper Val Taro, in the area of Piacenza, and makes Bedonia famous all over the world. This sandstone is extracted from four quarries and is employed in rural and artistic building.

Since the nineteenth century, in the province of Reggio Emilia the stone extraction and working has been thriving. Craft skills have been rediscovered thanks to the stone carving school in Canossa (RE). Through the combination of art and handicraft, the ancient history of art and the typical local traditions revive.

In Ramiseto, Busana and Collagna (RE), where the stonebreaker job was once flourishing, the local tradition works – such as arches, portals, windows, stairs, chimneys – have been re-employed in building and artistic uses like sculptures, sacred bas-relieves, Majesties, portraits of all dimensions, restoration works and presents.

Also in Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE), and in particular in the quarry of Predolo, the local stone extraction and working activity is being successful. It is in fact used in renovation works.

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