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Modena. The scagliola

Modena the scagliola

Carpi has deserved to be the most important production centre of scagliola, a type of handicraft that has become an art. The inventor was from Carpi: Guido Fassi, also called del Conte.

The school in Carpi follows two stylistic trends, derived from two followers of Guido Fassi: Annibale Griffoni (1619-1679) and Giovanni Gavignani (1615/1632-1680).

The main feature of scagliole was the use of natural clays with a very good quality, to make the velvety polychrome surface and create very bright red, yellow and purple colours.
The objective was to manufacture, with a low cost, plates looking like marble, by baking and polishing chalk mixed with glues of animal origin and colours.

With this technique altar frontals, tables, small paintings, shelves were manufactured.
There are still some craftsman that use scagliola and manufacture tables, panels, small paintings, opals, wall marbles, pieces of furniture, architectural components.

The pigments uses every time are red, yellow, green of natural origin, and are mixed together with experimental techniques of different types.





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