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Parma. The working of sandstone

Province of Parma

stone processing

The extraction and working of the Carniglia stone, a typical raw material of the High Taro Valley, makes Bedonia famous worldwide.

This sandstone is widely used in rural and artistic building sectors and is still extracted from four quarries. The building of the Bedonia Seminary, around 1840, gave the chance to arrange the working of sandstone in an industrial way

Already in 1852, Carniglia and its workers reached such a high level of specialisation that they became famous not only in their local dimension.

Still today in this area we find the “stone-dressers”, artists in the working of this famous stone.

In the hamlet of Piane di Carniglia, characterised by the presence, along the road that leads to Passo del Bocco, of some stone houses with sandstone coloured in grey-silver, still work some stone-breakers that know every detail of this stone and work it as real artists.

A legend covers the origin of this art handed down from father to child, and, according to it, Saint Bernardino revealed to some man the presence of a treasure under the mountain. Then they digged until they found the stone with a grey-silver colour, which is the richness of this territory.

Besides the Seminary of San Marco in Bedonia, some examples of traditional architecture built with this stone are kept in the hamlets of Foppiano and “Villa” a Carniglia,

The Carniglia stone is the “protagonist” of the European Sculpture Competition “International Symposium of Sculpture", that takes place every year in summer in Bedonia.

This event is part of “Le mani e il sasso” (The hands and the stone), a project based on transnational cooperation among Emilia Romagna and Piemonte, but also Ossola Valley and Portodemouros Valley in Spain.



Last modified Mar 30, 2011

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