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Ocarinas, lute-makers and musical instruments restorers

Ocarine by Giuseppe DonatiBudrio is well known for the ocarina manufacturing, a simple wind instrument made from terracotta to which a monument has been dedicated, whereas the city of Bolonia, recently named by Unesco “City of Music”, still keeps the old tradition of the lute-makers’ workshops.

With their skilful hands they create handmade violins, guitars, lutes and ocarinas. Here several musical instruments such as pianos are restored and repaired by hand.

This lute-maker workshop has come till the present days by being handed on from masters to pupils. And in the works of the Bolognese lute-makers the teachings of master Otello Bignami are still alive.

on the other hand holds a leading position in the region thanks to the number of companies that produce, repair and restore musical instruments. Generally, this business is carried out in a traditional way mainly by the owner.

In the city there are handicraft businesses that deal with wind instruments, pianos and pipe organs.

And finally, we must remember the valuable work of lute-makers who devote themselves to the manufacturing and restoration of ancient and modern guitars and mandolins.

Last modified Oct 28, 2013

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