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Bologna. Violins, guitars, lutes and ocarine

Province of Bologna

violins guitars lutes and ocarine

Budrio is known thanks to the manufacturing of ocarina, a simple terracotta wind instrument. The town of Budrio has dedicated a museum to this instrument. Today, its music is spread by the band of ocarine from Budrio, which is successful abroad, too. This instruments was invented in Budrio 1853 by a musician called Giuseppe Donati.

The musician manufactured five more ocarine, with different dimensions, which comprised a range of low and high pitches that equalled the range of notes in the piano. The five instruments were given to five players, chosen among the best musicians in Budrio and among these was Giuseppe Donati.

They created the “Concert of Ocarine” and their music only comprised ballet music, then it opened itself to opera music.

In the city of Bologna, recently appointed “City of Music” by Unesco, the work of lute makers in their workshop is an ancient tradition.

Their skilled hands manufacture violins, lutes and ocarines. Moreover, several musical instruments like pianos are manually restored by craftsman.

This activity of lutes manufacturing typical of Bologna, derives from the revival of this ancient handicraft tradition after 1850, thanks to the efforts of Raffaele Fiorini, a lute maker.

The models and cultural references are undoubtedly the greatest representatives of the Classical Period, whose works have been interpreted and reviewed to create very personal styles, according to the areas or schools that influenced the works.

The activity of lutes manufacturing is still carried on, thanks to the handing down from master to apprentice. Lute makers in Bologna still today spread the teachings of a great master, Otello Bignami.





Museo dell’Ocarina e degli Strumenti musicali in terracotta
Museo della Musica
Museo di Corpus Domini

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