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Modena. Pipe organs, pianos, wind instruments and lutes

Province of Modena

pipe organs pianos wind instruments and lutes

The city of Modena ranks first in the region as for the number of firms that produce, fix and restore musical instruments. Generally these activities are carried out handicraftly by the only owner.

Some of these firms are part of the productive history of the city, because they have been active since the beginning of the century and their owners belong to families that have produced musical instruments for two or three generations.

Craftsman choose, buy and let woods age in their rooms. These woods will then be used to manufacture instruments. They are particular types of wood, with an ageing process that ranges from ten years to maximum twenty years. The purchase and ageing methods are a peculiar feature of this activity.

In the city are handicraft firms that manufacture wind instruments, pianos and pipe organs. It is possible to find pipe organs in the churches of the area and craftsman take care of their maintenance, besides manufacturing new ones.

In the field of wind instruments and pianos, the peculiarity of handicraft work consists in tuning and recording instruments to guarantee the best sound quality.

It is worth mentioning the precious work carried out by lute makers who manufacture and restore guitars and mandolins, both old and modern.





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