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Faenza. The pottery

Province of Ravenna

pottery of faenza

The town of Faenza is worldwide the symbol of pottery. Five centuries ago the manufactures from Faenza was already a fundamental reference for the European pottery production. It is enough to think that the term “Faience” is still used in some areas of Europe as a synonym of majolica.

The places where the secrets of shapes, glazing and decorations typical of the tradition are kept and handed down are the handicraft workshops. Here the spirit, creativity and skills of the guardians of this very old and modern art survive and develop themselves.

The pottery with DOC certification mark is manufactured in the several workshops located in town, ranging from historical reproductions to artistic experimentation.

Here the craftsman manufacture beautiful and traditional majolica such as plates, pots, beakers and albarellis. These ones are small pots painted with Gothic fonts, used in the past by chemists and today as refined objects for any kind of environment.

The beauty of glazing used by the craftsman is clear in the decorated objects with light touches and fair colours, known as “Bianchi di Faenza" since the 16th century.

The International Museum of Potteries (MIC), founded in 1908, is the starting point of the route around the town, because it hosts in its wide and bright halls, ancient and contemporary artistic collections unique in the world.

Inside the Carlo Zauli Museum it is possibile to discover, in the ancient workshop of the master potter, the fascinating creative atmosphere of the handicraft laboratories: the typical atmosphere of an “old craft" that survives, unchanged, in the several pottery workshop in town.

The town of Faenza proposes an interesting event schedule, such as art exhibitions in the MIC or the great competition “L’Oro del Vasaio – Mondial Tornianti”, where potters from all around the world challenge in the ancient Piazza della Molinella to make the widest plate or the tallest pot.




Museo Carlo Zauli

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche

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