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Ferrara. The engraving of pottery and object made of fireclay

Province of Ferrara

graffito pottery and fireclay

The Renaissance art of engraved pottery is today used in handicraft workshops in Ferrara with the same techniques and skills of centuries ago.

After four centuries, a group of potters from Ferrara has brought to light this important cultural heritage that developed in the Estense Court in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The fascinating art of engraving and the use of few primitive colours dissolved and shated by the fire giving particular chromatic effects, are the main feature of this pottery, whose decorations reproduce symbols, characters and scenes of the court.

In the Schifanoia Museum it is possible to admire the precious collection "Giovanni Pasetti" that became part of the artistic heritage of the museum in 1935 and is made up of more that 200 pieces of engraved pottery dating back to the Pre-Renaissance and Renaissance Period in the second half of the 16th and 17th century.

Besides engraved pottery, terracotta is a peculiarity of Ferrara. Beautiful pieces are those made of fireclay, heat and fire resisting and hand-painted, among which it is worth mentioning whistles with the shape of animals.





Last modified May 15, 2012

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