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Forlì - Cesena. Pan for cooking piadina and traditional pottery

Province of Forlì - Cesena

pan for piadina

In Cesena we can find the typical terracotta pan to bake the famous piadina romagnola (a flat bread from Romagna) and the manufacturing of decorations made of ceramics, which is one of the most peculiar and old handicraft productions.

This art dates back to the Malatesta period, in the late Middle Ages and several pieces from this period are today kept in the Archaeological Museum in Cesena.

Still today, in the old town centre in Cesena, next to the Malatestiana Library, it is possible to buy a wide range of reproductions of objects typical of the Malatesta period.

As regards the pans, it is worth mentioning the laboratory located in Montefiffi, near the village of Sogliano al Rubicone.

Craftsman work terracotta by hand, and make it turn on a trestle until its shape becomes flat and round. This process ends with the baking in a wooden oven.

The raw materials are found in the area and the drying process is carried out naturally.

It is possible to distinguish the Montetiffi pans by their shape and mark on each one. For this reason they are an original gift from Romagna.



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