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Imola. Hand-painted majolica

Province of Bologna

hand-painted majolica

In Imola we can find the traditional majolica with decorations of "carnation" ( called Imola and Blu), “nosegay”, “biancofiore” (white flower), “giallofiore” (yellow flower), ancient fruits, gryphon, green landscapes, Madonne dei pilastrini (pillars depicting the Madonna), devotional plates.

The local handicraft working dates back to the Middle Ages and, during the centuries, this type of art has enriched the town heritage that comprises a very precious collection of potteries from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance kept in the Rocca Sforzesca and Palazzo Tozzoni.

In the chemist of the Hospital S. Maria della Scaletta di Imola, which was inaugurated in 1794, it is still possible to see objects and decorations of that period, giving the visitor the image of an enchanting chemist's of the 18th century.

It is worth mentioning its 457 pots made of majolica, produced in Imola and whose scroll indicates the name of the drug. The pots are arranged in wooden furniture engraved by Giuseppe Magistretti, an ebonist from Imola. The chemist is still working and can be visited during the opening times.

The industrial development, which started in the second half of the 19th century contributed to the foundation of the “Cooperativa Ceramica”, an important company that hosts the Museum and historical-artistic Documentation Center “G.Bucci”.

Here it is possible to appreciate precious potteries manufactured mainly by the famous pottery industry in Imola: Decorations, objects of artistic and industrial production, recent works by famous contemporary potters.

In the old town centre, the Cooperativa Sociale Forme e Segni (a social cooperative), located in the big rooms inside the Palazzo Marchi of the 16th century, has its own pottery laboratory next to the selling point, where all products are manufactured.



Last modified May 15, 2012

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