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Modena. From pottery to "tile”

Province of Modena

from pottery to tile

Clay, water and fire are the elements of a very old tradition that has characterised the area comprising Fiorano Modenese, Maranello and Sassuolo, which is today the industrial core of "tile" manufacturing and can still be appreciated in the Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo, where original potteries are kept.

The ground of the hills all around is rich of clay, which is particularly suitable for being shaped, while the river Secchia has favoured the settlement of the first workshops and laboratories.

It is a very important reality characterised by a growing quality and creativity, witnessed by the workshops in ModenaSassuolo,VignolaCastelnuovo Rangone, where potters manufacture tiles following traditional techniques.

The art of artistic ceramic decoration, in particularly over the past decade, has improved the relation between design and flat surface, giving more solutions that belong to “art and craft”, also comprising the sector of ceramic furniture.

The Biennale della Ceramica (Biennale of Pottery) is a testimonial of this trend and hosted in the Spezzano Castle.


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