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Reggio Emilia. Pottery according to the ”Ars Canusina”

Province of Reggio Emilia

pottery ars canusina

The Ars Canusina®, an artistic handicraft typical of the area of Reggio Emilia, takes inspiration from decoration themes of Romanic Art, that flourished in the territories of the Canossa family, in particular promoted by Countess Matilde.

It was conceived and tested by Maria Maria Bertolani Del Rio, a psychiatrist and famous scholar of the history of "matildici" castles (of the countess Matilda), through a stylistic and historical study of plate decorations and sculptures found in oratories and parishes between 1920 and 1930.

In this way the iconographic range was created, from which craftsman still take subjects for their original decorations also in the field of pottery.

To these the miniatures of the "matildici" codes were added, recalling the refined monastic culture, between artistic preciousness and philosophical symbols.

All patterns that were a local and homogeneous expression of the Carolingian and Romanic Art, were conceived as drawings to be published in an album in 1935.

The tradition of Ars Canusina has been handed down till today, thanks to the efforts of artists and businessman, in particular in the area of  CasinaCanossaReggio Emilia and San Polo , with excellent achievements.

The iconographic range of Ars Canusina is divided into two sections: drawings of themes taken from decorations of monuments in the age of Countess Matilda, from “stone” and drawings of themes taken from “Evangeliari”.

What makes Ars Canusina unique are the elements of its iconographic range: geometrical decorations, beasts, reproductions of nature, weaves and volutes that recall ancient times and different contexts, such as the Byzantine and Ottoman times, the Classical and Arab ages.

All the objects characterised by the Ars Canusina, are unique pieces, perfectly manufactured: from ceramic plates to glass portrait holders, majolica stoves, Abat-jour, pots and lamps.

The consortium Ars Canusina, which has been recently set up, has the objective to guarantee "perfectly manufactured" products with a clear mark, given to each acknowledged craftsman.

Still today it is possible to appreciate ancient pieces in parishes and castles that are located in strategic positions in an historical environment and in a natural landscape full of wild views.




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Last modified May 15, 2012

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