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Rimini. The working of clay

Province of Rimini

clay processing

The Province of Rimini is full of ancient traditions, in particular those linked to clay, a raw material which is very easy to find in this area.

Clay is coloured by the oxides of weathered stones in rivers and iron filings. Then, the skilled and clever hands of craftsman and the fire complete the process.

It is important to mention the terracotta manufactures, also called non painted potteries, artistic potteries and decorations of majolica like plates, trays, small beakers, votive images, paintings, wall and floor decorations.

Every workshop has its own style, that has been developed over many year, both as regards the technique used and the peculiarity of decorations and manufactured products.

Old workshops are located along the coast, in Rimini, while in the internal areas, workshops are located in Montescudo, more precisely in S. Maria del Piano. They are very attractive because here craftsman manufacture real masterworks made of terracotta. Another location is Montefiore Conca.

The ancient decorations dating back to the age of Malatesta and those with a typical rust colour, are peculiar of this are, together with the reproduction of the “putto Malatestiano” (naked child generally with wings), a work by Agostino Di Duccio kept in the Malatestiano Temple in Rimini, regarded as symbol of the town.



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