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wood handicraft shopThe woodworking according to the “Grazzano Style” is a typicality of the homonymous and unique village located in the area of Piacenza, fine example of the Italian revivalist architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Although the Donnino Borlenghi joiner’s workshop was already operative in that period, is only in the twentieth century that the local professions discover new horizons thanks to the village revival by means of Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone.

In this way the creative handicraft blooms, taking up the shapes of the XV century, when the building of the castle dates back to. Still today in Grazzano this valuable production continues according to the style that made it so renowned.

Rolo is also an important town in the area of Reggio and boasts a long tradition in woodworking for inlaid furniture manufacturing.

Recently, thanks to the studies and the theoretical and practical courses on inlay techniques which take place annually at the Tarsia Museum, many craftsman workshops have been set up for the handiwork’s manufacturing, restoration and selling.

In Modena, the barrels for balsamic vinegar maturity and ageing have great importance within the economy of this product. Traditionally, the wood used for manufacturing proceeds from the plain and hill of Modena and that is oak, mulberry, chestnut, juniper, cherry tree wood. The wood choice is made according to specific features.

San Prospero sul Secchia is the location where master coopers still work. Their ability is also proved in the assemblage of staves which, after being boiled, bended and left to season for at least 3 years, are joined together with the help of provisional iron hoops.

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