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The reed, the osier and the “paviera”

processing basketsThe reed and marsh plants processing is an ancient tradition of Villanova di Bagnacavallo, the so-called “village of the 5 plants” located in the hinterland of Ravenna and that still preserves important evidence of the past marshland civilization and the original use of valley plants and local wood.

Here, the Ecomuseum bookshop offers several shopping bags of various sizes, baskets, brooms, brushes, bird calls, small shoes, bottle covers. Leaving the Museum without buying the fish shopping bag/strainer, a real object of worship, is impossible.

Widespread in the province of Ferrara, and in particular in the area of the Po Delta Park, is the basketwork of the “paviera”, a marsh reed that grows spontaneously.

From this plant, craftsmen, especially those from Argenta, Comacchio and Ostellato, make bags, mats, baskets and containers for agriculture. This kind of material, which floats easily on water, is also employed for the manufacturing of Po Delta waterfowl-shaped bird calls, once used for shooting but which today are pretty knick-knacks.

For a long period Val d'Enza, in the province of Reggio Emilia, has been the mecca for the basket-willow manufacturing. The origins of this kind of handicraft, which has deeply characterized the area of Canossa and its surroundings until a few decades ago, date back to the XVII century. But still nowadays, in Canossa, one can find handicrafts made by skilful chairmenders such as chairs and baskets. Every year, basketwork and chairmending courses are organized for people to learn this ancient technique.

Last modified Oct 28, 2013

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