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Ferrara. The working of paviera, wicker and bulrush

Province of Ferrara

processing wood straw canes

The art of weaving of paviera, a natural growing river cane is spread in the area of Parco del Delta (river delta) because it is possible to collect it along the valleys and the channels and produce mats, baskets, bags, furniture.

Craftsman, especially those from Argenta, Comacchio e Ostellato manufacture bags, mats, baskets and containers for the agricultural activity.

This type of material, which floats on the water, is also used to shape "moulds".

In the past, decorations with the shape of ducks were used only for hunting, while today decorations recalling ducks, shapes, colours and other aquatic birds of the river delta are used for precious furniture ornaments.

For collectors it is worth mentioning the manufacturing with wicker and bulrush.



Last modified Mar 31, 2011

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