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Ravenna. The working of cane and rivergrass

Province of Ravenna

processing cane and rivergrass

Villanova di Bagnacavallo, “the village of the five herbs", still keeps precious information about the marshy civilization and the typical use of grass valley and local wood. A unique heritage to discover by visiting the Eco Museum of the marshy civilization and the Ethnic Park ““Villanova delle Capanne”.

"Villanova delle Capanne" started to develop in the 15th century along the left bank of the Lamone river. Thanks to the raw materials available in this environment like cane, cat's-tail, bulrush.. besides the poplar and willow wood, the local people developed considerable skills in the weaving technique.

They manufactured mats of different quality and dimensions, tiers, strings, cord, chair-mendings, different types of brooms, waistcoats, bags, slippers, hats.

Another important local feature was the “capanno” (hut), a rural building made of river cane that enriched the yard of the farm. Initially, they were used as houses, then as workshops and warehouse for tools, animals and preserves. They were used as cellars and were highly functional and spread all over the area of Low Romagna.

Today the bookshop in the Ecomuseum can meet different types of needs. Here it is possible to buy bags of different dimensions, baskets, brooms, sweeping tools, shoes, covers for flask containers. Of course, it is impossible to leave the museum without buying the bag/strainer for fish, which is an extremely appreciated object.

It is possible to ask the craftsman and the hut makers in the town centre about traditional chair-mending techniques and the building of the traditional hut.

For collectors there are two important events like "La Soffitta in piazza", the spring market, and the "Sagra della civiltà delle erbe palustri" (Celebration of the marshy civilization) in the second week of September.





Ecomuseo della Civiltà palustre
Etnoparco Villanova delle Capanne

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