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A dive into the past

The last part of summer will be dedicated to cultural historic events characterized by a wide involvement of people and a very accurate elaboration of details in the form of events which recreate the atmosphere, life situations and happenings of times gone by which left their mark on history, places and the collective memory. 


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At the heart of the manifestation A.D. 1387 Battaglia a Terra del Sole, near Castrocaro Terme (FC), is the great battle which will involve over 200 armed people taking the field in a historic reenactment of the troops under Francesco Ordelaffi from Forlì, allied with the Bologna troops under the command of Giovanni Da Barbiano, against the Companies of Ventura dei Lani, of dal Verme and Guido d'Asciano, who will be defeated. This event is one of the most important, most accurate and most charming events of its kind in Italy with groups coming from all over Europe. September 29-30.


The Miner's Festival which will be held on October 6 and 7 in Borello, near Cesena, is really a detailed reenactment of some ancient scenes, with people in original costumes, from the lost world of the sulfur mines, so that these intense times, particularly for this area, will not be forgotten.  It is a true meeting with the spirit of the miners, with their places and smells, which combines very traditional moments of relaxation and fun with history and culture. 


The charming late medieval town of Grazzano Visconti, just 15 kilometers from Piacenza, will host two events: on October 6, an evening honoring of the local ghost will be held, "Aloisa's Night with Ghost".  Visitors can take part in a wild night as pirates, surrounded by British nobles, armed guards and buccaneers ready for anything. There will be group games, bar fights, fire shows, duels and the very best libations. Then on October 14, the "Torneo de lo Biscione", a traditional archery tournament with participants from all over Italy, will be held. This event offers a look back at medieval archery, the art of war, a hunting technique, and a fun pastime. The archers, along the streets and squares of the town of Grazzano, will have to take on difficult and unusual challenges and prove themselves with extravagant and difficult shots; moving and still targets will give them every opportunity to show off their skills.


Last modified Sep 17, 2012

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