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Civic Risorgimento Museum Bologna

risorgimento museum bolognaA symbolic document regarding the relationship between Verdi and the Italian Risorgimento can be found on display in the Civic Risorgimento Museum of Bologna. This is a poster dated 1860 billing the performance of the opera " I Lombardi" in Bologna to finance the Expedition of the Thousand.

Verdi followed military and political developments of the period closely, and his music carried the patriotic ideals everywhere becoming, in a sense, the "sound track" of the Risorgimento.

The Museum Library holds a number of print portraits of the Maestro, while an interesting collection of period newspapers takes us back to the golden age of opera when every première was a major event, and the works of Verdi became an integrating part of a cultural heritage shared by all social classes.


Museo Civico del Risorgimento
Piazza Carducci 5 - 40125 Bologna

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Last modified Jan 10, 2017

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