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Risorgimento Museum Fidenza

The nucleus of the exhibit consists of the collection of Garibaldi's follower Luigi Musini (1843 - 1903) which was donated to the city by the patriot's son, Nullo, to which documents from the City Archives have been added.

Most of the material on display is in the form of documents and consists of proclamations, posters, photographs and prints along with flags, uniforms and a small number of arms. In addition, two of the six existing photograph albums of the Thousand can be seen in the museum.

Trovatore posterThe itinerary of the exhibit is ordered chronologically, from 1802 until the proclamation of the republic in 1946. The new rooms of the Museum are dedicated to a more detailed treatment of certain themes with one entire section being dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi.

The link between the city of Fidenza, which at the time was called Borgo San Donnino, with the Maestro was definitively confirmed in January of 1861 when he was elected to as a member of the united Italy's first parliament for that constituency. It was Cavour himself who called him to Turin in order to convince him to accept the position.

Your presence in the House "will be extremely useful" he wrote " because it will contribute to the decorum of the Parliament both within Italy and abroad, will lend credit to a great national party that intends to structure the nation on solid principles of liberty and order, and will impress our picturesque Colleagues in the South of Italy who are likely to accept the influence of a musical genius more than us inhabitants of the cold Po valley.

Elected with the votes of the citizens of Fidenza he was present at the opening of the house on 18 February and at the proclamation of the kingdom of Italy on March 27. Regarding his parliamentary activity, the Museum conserves 2 letters signed by the Maestro for the Mayor.


Museo del Risorgimento "Luigi Musini"

Via Berenini - Fidenza (Parma)
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