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The study of Toscanini and Boito

boito and toscanini studyThese studies are both donations which have been relocated in a wing of the Musical Conservatory which was founded by Duchess Maria Luigia as a school of music. It contains musical instruments, furniture, a part of the libraries, musical scores, works of art and a number of curios.

Both studies form part of the History Museum of the "A. Boito" Conservatory and were set up in 1984 thanks to a donation from the Barilla family.

The Toscanini study is the one which was originally found in Milan and which acquires a particular significance in its new site since it was at the music school in Parma, before it became a Conservatory, that Toscanini began his first studies in music.

Enthusiasts will find his piano, a 1934 Steinway grand, a bronze bust of Othello signed "G. Wagner, premier prix de la ville de Paris" and a bronze bust of Verdi taken from the one by V. Gemito in terracotta at Sant'Agata.

The head of the school was Arrigo Boito, a great libretto writer of Verdi's works and after whom the Conservatory is named. The upright piano in his studio was made by Schiedmeyer & Sohne of Stuttgart.

Portraits relating to Verdi can be seen in the form of a half-length engraving of Verdi and Carlo Chessa with a dedication to Boito signed by Verdi and dated 25 December 1895, and also a full-length statue of the Maestro signed by Emilio Quadrelli, 1893.


For information and visits:
The "A.Boito" Musical Conservatory
Strada Conservatorio, 27/a - 43100 Parma
Telephone: 0521.381911
The museum can be visited by making an appointment at:

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