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A walk with the Maestro

verdiThe theme that links the stops on our route is the figure of Giuseppe Verdi (Busseto, 1813 - Milan, 1901), one of the greatest Italian composers of the 1800s. It is a journey through two very closely linked fundamental movements in the culture and history of the 19th century - opera and the Risorgimento.

It is well known that Verdi's political conviction fuelled his musical inspiration and that the chords of patriotism, present above all in Naucco and The Lombardi excited both furious censure and enthusiastic applause. During his lifetime, this Maestro was also actively involved in the first Italian Parliament and in 1874 he was nominated as a Senator.

Verdi's opera created a profound link between opera and the general public - a link that caused theatres to take an important place in the history of the Risorgimento.

Alongside this theme, which also allows us to know some of the most interesting Risorgimento museums in our Region, we would point to other museums and centres which are certainly of interest to students of Verdi and, in general, to lovers of opera and music.

The itinerary does not fail to indicate the most important of sites relating to Verdi those linked to the human events of the composer.



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